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Panasonic BK-70AAH 700mAh AA NiMH Battery


Panasonic BK-70AAH AA Size Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Rechargeable Battery

  • BK-70AAH NiMH battery fully charged and then stored at 20oC for 1 year retains up to 80% of its minimum capacity.
Cell manufacturer: Panasonic
Model: BK-70AAH
Size: AA
Cell type: Ni-MH
Typical capacity [mAh]: 730
Minimum capacity [mAh]: 700
Maximum charging current [mA]: 700
Standard charging current [mA]: 70
Voltage [V]: 1,2
Height [mm]: 49
Diameter [mm]: 14,5
Cell weight [g]: 18
Cell name: 70AAH
Status: Brand new

With a high safety standard and a longer service life, Panasonic NiMH batteries are an ideal energy choice for industrial applications, particularly suitable for high drain devices and those that require frequent battery replacements. As the largest producer of NiMH batteries (excluding EV), we offer you a wide range of products to satisfy your every specific need, from telecommunication and home appliances, to emergency call and lighting.




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Panasonic BK-70AAH 700mAh AA NiMH Battery


Fresh BK-70AAH NiMH batteries for industry use! Not for retail sale! We hold full specifications, MSDS and Certificates. Fast shipping by air or sea.

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    Panasonic BK-70AAH 700mAh AA NiMH Battery
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